Manuel Montoya


1938.              Born Madrid, Spain.









1957.              Preparation for entrance into Spain's Main Beaux Arts

                       institution, R.A.A.S.F (see below), at Artes y Oficios,

                       Circulo de Bellas Artes and Cason del Buen Retiro.


1959.              Enters the Royal Academy of Arts of San Fernando, Madrid

                       as 1st of 300 applicants. 1st of Class in Drawing, Painting and



1961.              Starts copying Old Masters at the Prado Museum in Madrid.


1963.              Sets up his studio in 21 calle Margarita, Madrid. Continues 

                       copying Old Masters at the Prado Museum in Madrid 


1964.              Decides to settle on painting and, although a candidate for a four year grant at the Spanish Academy of Rome, leaves the Madrid Academy and sets up his studio in Fuentidueña, a beautiful small village full of natural springs in the province of Segovia, (source of the romanesque church apse at the Cloisters), an hour north of Madrid.


1965.              Salon Labarga, Madrid, Spain: solo exhibition.


1968.              Marries Sharon B. Neiderbach of Brooklyn, NY.


1969.              Galeria Internationale, New York, NY. U.S.A. : group

                       exhibition. Lesnik Gallery, NY: Very successfull show of over

                       100 oil paintings. Returns to his Fuentidueña studio under 

                       contract for above Gallery.


1974.              Galería Don Pancho, Alicante, Spain: solo exhibition.


1977.              Galería Velázquez, Alicante, Spain: group exhibition.


1978.              Annual Exhibition of Segovian Painters, Caja de Ahorros, 

                       Segovia, Spain.


1980.              Salón Cano, Madrid, Spain: solo exhibition.


1981.              Spanish National Tourist Office, New York City, NY,

                       USA. Solo Exhibition.


1983.              Salón Cano, Madrid, Spain: solo exhibition.


1985.              Galería Las Sirenas, Segovia, Spain: group exhibition.


1990.              Galería Lafora, Segovia, Spain: group exhibition.


1992.              Hoorn-Ashby Gallery, New York City, NY, U.S.A:

                       group exhibition.


2005.              Galería Atalante, Madrid, Spain: “Montoya after Vermeer”,

                       exhibit of 27 copies of most of Vermeer’s accredited

                       works, slightly off-size and in reproductions of original frames.


                       To visit the "Montoya after Vermeer" Exhibition please click on

                       link provided below or visit the "Montoya after Vermeer" page

                       on my Web Gallery.




2009.              Passed away in Brooklyn, New York on April 14th at the age of 71.